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The Art of Female Dominance

Every day, I come into contact with so many men who are uncomfortable with their sexual relationships and just can’t see how to improve it. Of course, a lot of women simply don’t want to please their men as often as they would like, but the truth is that there are just as many guys who are getting it on a daily basis and it just isn’t cutting the mustard.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the world is still primarily run by men, which is perhaps why so many men find it so confusing if they don’t want to fulfill the traditional, macho role of a man who wants to be in control and a protector of his girl. Men are expected to open doors for women; to keep them from harm and to protect them from the big bad world out there, even if that’s a load of BS since us women can usually look after ourselves without a knight in shining armor. So perhaps you’re one of the guys who don’t feel like that, what do you do? Maybe you imagine your female boss stripping you naked and bending you over her desk. What if your day dreamed fantasies involve getting pulled over for speeding by a lady cop who spanks you on the road side? Even the mousy librarian is suddenly really attractive when you think of her standing on your balls with her high heels.

It’s time to face the truth guys; you could well be one of the many femdom men out there. Not heard of the term before? Well, as far as I know it’s not in the Oxford English Dictionary, but here’s my quick and handy definition of femdom men:

Femdom (an abbreviated version of ‘female dominance’) is a form of BDSM when the man wishes to be dominated sexually by his female partner. There is a sexual relationship between the man and woman that is slave and mistress respectively, where the man submits to his mistress of ‘domme’.

Don’t panic guys, it’s really not that much of a big deal if you’re one of the many sissy men. It’s not something shameful or humiliating (unless you want it to be of course). And most importantly, it’s not something you can change. If the idea of a woman dominating you is what gets you hot, chances are that you’re not going to be able to train yourself not to react to it – our sexual urges are a big part of who we are and they can’t be denied.

Also, I’ve met several guys who seem to have unhappily accepted that they need women to dominate them to get their jollies, and who quietly submit to all kinds of extreme BDSM practices that they don’t enjoy because it comes with the territory. sissy men aren’t all the same! You have to work out where the real turn on is for you, whether it’s pain, humiliation, or simply the sense of being owned and dominated. If you hate pain, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit through hours of spanking.

Right not, you might be wondering what it is that I do exactly to give me so much experience with sissy men. Is it a hobby? A job? A strange sort of life choice? The truth is probably closest to the former. I love dominating men, but I find it really difficult to have a boyfriend who I have the perfect sexual relationship with – if they’re a true sissies, we never seem to have much in the relationship apart from the sex, and if they’re not into being dominated, our sex life is dull for me. So, rather than searching for the impossible, I have several sissies who come when I call, all of whom I met online and requested because I thought that our fetishes were similar. Now, if I feel like fucking someone, all I need to do is give them a call and thy come running – it’s a little like ordering a takeaway. Or having a very well trained dog. It turns them on that I don’t give them any pleasure until I want it too, so it’s the perfect arrangement!

And what do I do with my willing boys? Just like everyone, I have certain areas of the fetish that I enjoy more than others, for which I have Rich and Casey.

Rich: My Teasable Toy

Rich is a sweet little slave who gets really hard for orgasm denial, which fortunately happens to be my forte. Lately, I’ve been making him wear chastity devices when he’s away from my domain, just so that I can be absolutely sure of his obedience. I’m a regular customer of Koala Swim, who make some of the best chastity devices I’ve ever seen. They’re so creative and sturdy that I know my men aren’t going to escape them any time soon, and even if they get an erection there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it. My latest purchase is the Man Slut Cock Cage, which is a metal creation that can keep Rich perfectly locked in place while allowing him to get hard. It has a ring to go at the very base of his dick around the balls as well, and then another around the base of the shaft, from which the metal bends straight down to keep his cock facing towards the floor. It’s just wire, so he doesn’t even have an excuse that he has to take it off to pee. In fact that’s my favorite part about it, thinking of him trying awkwardly to pee with an erection and his dick trapped in one place. Of course, there’s a little metal lock on it, to which only I have the key.

I can’t leave it on him for too long, because poor Rich gets so aroused in it that he can hardly bare it for long before he’s crawling through my door begging for release. It’s a brilliant creation, and one that makes sure that he’s thinking of me whatever he’s doing, because every now and then when he moves he will sense the cold metal against his skin or the tug as he tries to rearrange himself.

Another of my favorite toys to use on my femdom men is the Ass Spark Cock Ring. Unfortunately I can’t leave him in this for days at a time because Rich wouldn’t be able to leave the house because it would be so obvious he was hard. The metal cock ring keeps him turned on and it’s kept in place with an ass hook with a huge metal ball in just the right place to rub against his prostate gland.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that most sissy men love orgasm denial and rectal stimulation, so have a lot of toys that cater to m favorite area of the feminine fetish. It doesn’t hurt, and there’s the constant physical stimulation to keep them distracted, not to mention the feeling of being completely owned, even when they’re not in front of me.

Emasculating, the Fastest Way to Female Domination

For my newest sissy men, I usually like to surprise them and tell them absolutely nothing about what I’m about to do to them. So when they’re lying there blindfolded and naked, with their hands tied and ordered to stay still, I bring out the more unusual side of my domination tactics. Koala Swim don’t only do some awesome chastity products, they specialize in some swimwear designs that are creative and really unique. I know that a lot of their customers like to wear their micro swimwear for tanning on the beach and to show off their packages, but the majority of guys are used to wearing comfortable boxers or briefs and they don’t even know such things exist.

The Internal Exposure Plug Thong and the Ass Invasion Thong are two of the more... dramatic designs from Koala Swim that I love to put on my femdom boys when they can’t do anything about it. Of course, they’re expecting cock rings and plugs, but not to be dressed up in such an exposed way. The Ass Invasion Thong has a cock ring to keep them hard, but their dick and balls are covered by the material of the swimwear in a little pouch. The pouch is attached to the cock ring, which in turn is also a metal length that turns into an ass hook and keeps the back of the swimsuit in place. The Internal Exposure Plug Thong has the same ring at the front, but nothing connects the front and back between the legs – instead the back of the thong is kept in place with a huge dildo that holds it inside my boy. Alternatively, sometimes I make them wear the Diablo Insane, which doesn’t cover their dick and balls at all, leaving them completely bare as the front of the swimwear is just a cock ring that keeps them out on display and pushes their balls together so you can see everything.

The best part of putting them in these sexy swimsuits is that they just don’t see it coming. Once I’ve dressed them, I untie them and let them see how sexy and owned they look, before making them promise me that once they leave my domain they have to wear the swimwear constantly until I next see them. Most men are really surprised, but they feel so dominated that it turns them on even more, especially if they feel humiliated.

My sissy Men

I have a couple more men who are at my beck and call when it comes to my sexual hobby, most of whom I know well enough to be able to keep them on the edge for hours. A few of them like to be publically humiliated, which I usually achieve by forcing them to go down to the local pool wearing one of the thongs. Koala Swim also do some which are made to fit over the chastity devices that are locking them in place, so even though they think that everyone can see that they have a dildo in their ass or that their cock is locked up in metal, the truth is that no one really notices unless they look close enough. Don’t tell my men that though!

On a regular basis, I do a lot of pegging with my boys, which for the innocent of you out there involves putting on a strap on and bending them over something while I fuck them with it. If I’m feeling especially cruel, I might strap a dildo into their mouth so that they have to breathe through their nose and they feel completely used.

And the number one trick in my book? Hot wax. Most people don’t try this because they think that it will seriously hurt them, but the truth is that wax cools so quickly that it only burns for a second before it’s setting. If your femdom men are blindfolded than they have absolutely no idea when it’s coming and it’s even better when they don’t know what it is that you’re doing to them.

So there you have it, hopefully I’ve opened some eyes to the world of sissy men. Essentially, I’d be happy if I managed to make just one guy out there realize that there’s no point in trying to avoid what turns you on, so don’t fight it! There will always be someone else out there in the world who’s aroused by the same fetishes that you are, whatever they are, so all you have to do is find them and you won’t have to keep having half hearted, boring sex all your life! Sex is meant to be fun, so don’t take yourself too seriously and get out there and try something exciting and new for once!

Feminine  Men and the Fun They Have

The thing that lots of  men in the world love to do is to show off their bodies whenever they get the chance. Of course, this requires a certain kind of attire to be worn in order to fully appreciate the aspect that these guys are trying to portray, and that is where comes in handy. Every guy that is excited about showing off his body in one way or another should be heading to to find that perfect item. You should be able to find something there that will allow you to be yourself no matter what that might be.

See amazing male to female transformation designs at

Anyone that is new to the whole sissy men fetish should be aware that there are a lot of guys in this lifestyle that keep things like this very secret. They don’t want a lot of people knowing that they enjoy being feminized and they will more than likely deny it if it is ever brought up to them. By keeping things like this a secret, it allows them a greater chance to explore and experiment with different aspects of the feminization fetish that they love so much.

Although a lot of guys don’t want everyone knowing they are sissies, there are still some of them that are more than willing to show off their feminization to anyone that is willing to look. These guys will go to and find items that they can wear out in public just to show off how sexy their feminized body is. They love the attention that they can gain from this type of activity, and that is what they live for. Most of these guys are so confident with who they are that nothing ever bothers them and they can live their life as happy as they can possibly be.

Being Femdom chastity man can be a bit tricky for some men even though they love doing it. There are a lot of men that just can't handle giving up the control in their lives that they are used to having. They think that they should be in control of every aspect of their lives and putting that control, especially of a sexual nature, into the hands of someone else just doesn’t feel right to them. Sometimes, they can find a partner that they can trust to give that power to, but often they have to find someone that is willing to feminize them and learn to deal with it on their own.

If you are lucky enough to be one of those chastity men that has a partner that is excited about taking the control of your sexual life and force you to become feminized for them, then you are one of the very few men that can be happy with their choice of lifestyle. You know that you can trust your partner and, since you both enjoy a certain aspect of this type of fetish, then you know that you aren't going to have to worry about things going wrong or getting out of hand while the two of you are together.

The sissy men that don’t have a partner or anyone else to share this particular fetish with are the ones that have to work extra hard to enjoy themselves. It's really hard to be dominated and forced into feminization when you don’t have anyone else there to be the dominator. Because of this, they will usually turn to a professional Master or Mistress that specializes in the feminization aspect of men. Of course, this will end up costing you a bit of money if you have to go this route, but sometimes it's worth it.

Now, not all guys follow the strict men attitude and just prefer the feminization aspect of it. They love being able to dress up in sexy clothes and hide their manhood away from prying eyes. knows that there are plenty of guys out there that love the thought of being able to change who they are without having to worry about surgery and all the issues that might incur. Therefore, they have created a whole selection of feminization items that will help you get that smooth feminine look that you want so badly to achieve.

Guys that feel like pretty women on the inside also love the thought of being able to hide away their penises and take on the look of a smooth vagina. That is the reason that Sissies love to shop online. They know that the items that they need to pull this sort of thing off is not going to be found in their local retail store. They also know that if they are walking out of an adult store carrying a bag of feminization items and trying to keep it all a secret, that will be the very moment that someone they know will be walking by and innocently ask about what they purchased. It's hard to keep a secret when things like that start to happen.

Purchasing your transformation items online makes all that hassle go away since you can browse from the comfort of your own home and wait for your purchases to arrive in the mail. No more walking out onto the street where everyone you know could be standing. Just wait for your packages to get to your home and you can try everything on without anyone else knowing about it. In this way, you can keep your secret and still enjoy all the feminization you can handle anytime you want.

Just like other fem men, you are going to want to make sure the items you are buying will be of the best possible quality for the price you are paying. Most guys don’t have a problem with paying a bit more money in order to get a high quality item, but at, you won't have to worry about that. You will be paying a lower price overall for a higher quality item than you would if you were shopping on other sites. That is what makes one of the best sites online for items of this nature.

Fem men all over the world know how important it is to be happy with the items they are purchasing. They know that their fetish requires clothing that will last for a long time. Unfortunately, many sites that specialize in these items are known for their products to fall apart shortly after buying them. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you can only wear a couple of times before it completely falls apart and becomes useless to you. You want something that is going to last you for years of constant use, and that is exactly what you deserve to have.

If you are like other sissy men, then you are probably wearing your feminization items under your clothing while you are at work. This is a great way of getting the chance to be comfortable with your feminization fetish while still portraying yourself as a man around the people you work with. It's also a great way of breaking in certain items that you purchase from, and can help you get used to the aspect of wearing your items around other people without having to go out in full dress.

There are going to be times when being like other sissies will require you to let people know about your little secret. You have to be prepared for when that might happen and not worry so much about what other people might think about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you shouldn’t have to change who you are just because someone around you doesn’t understand why you would want to be feminized. You should be able to explore your life in any manner you want to as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, and being feminized isn't going to hurt anyone you know or don’t know.

Being happy with your life can be a difficult thing these days, and most men have found a way that allows them to be happy with what they have. They know that dressing up in this manner is allowing them to explore a different side of themselves that they may never get to enjoy without the help of sites like It is important to understand that being feminized does not make you a freak. It just makes you open minded and willing to try something new to find out who you really are on the inside.

Some Fem men find solace in the fact that they can wear certain items in secret that feminize them and no one will ever know about it. This allows them to go about their daily routine as a feminized man on the inside while everyone around them sees them as they normally do. Just imagine how comfortable you could be in your meetings if you were able to be yourself in front of everyone without them even knowing it. That is the type of thing that guys have wanted to do for generations, but they never had the chance until recently.

The internet has allowed Feminized men to really come out of the woodwork and find themselves in ways they never could have done before. In the days before the internet, you could only find other men like you if you happened to live in larger cities. You could go out and find clubs where you can hang out at on the weekends and allow yourself to be whoever you want to be. If you lived in smaller towns, then you were pretty much stuck with being what everyone else wanted you to be. Being something you’re expected to be while avoiding who and what you really are can be disheartening.

It wasn’t until the internet became popular that Feminized men were able to really find themselves. Now, they can find websites and forums dedicated to the feminization aspect all over the place. It has even spawned sub genres of the feminization fetish in order to cater to guys that have a specific need for a certain aspect of it. All kinds of groups and clubs have been started up in this manner, and even those guys in smaller towns can find others in their general area that love the feminization aspect. Now, it's much easier to enjoy your life than it ever was before the internet.

People have really started to open up their minds in regards to the different fetishes that are in existence; even towards men for the most part. Sure, there are still some men with no imagination that will make fun of you for exploring this side of your sexuality, but most of the time those guys that are making fun of you are just jealous because you are actually willing to go ahead and try something that they aren't willing to do. These are the guys that probably still have sex in only the Missionary position. If they were willing, and actually tried it, then they would find that they could have happy lives as well.

Imagine if everyone in the world could try to wear items like those sissy men wear on a daily basis and how it would affect the population and society as a whole. There would be much less crime in the world since all men that wanted to could actually get in touch with their feminine side. Then, just imagine how lively the clubs would be on the weekends. Guys from all over the world would be wanting to go out on the weekends and show off their new look every chance they got. It could truly be a new sexual revolution on this planet.

Anyone that tries to tell you that being like other transformation men is wrong has no idea what they are talking about. They will never be able to understand the comfort and excitement you can get form wearing the items from, either. That is something they will never be able to fathom because they refuse to try new things in their life and experience aspects they might never have experienced before. You just have to get out there and live your life the way you want to in order to be truly happy and feminized men do that all the time.

One thing that sissy boys know about is how to be themselves. They understand that there is more to life than just putting on a suit and heading off to the office. There is also a need to relax and have some fun, and being feminized is a great way of doing both. If you were able to do anything you wanted to at any time, what would it be? Would you choose to go mountain climbing or deep sea diving? How about getting feminized and walking through the mall just to see who would notice?

That is something that only chastity boys would think to do and that could end up being the most fun moment in their life. Some guys love to dress up and just see where they can go and pass themselves off as feminine without anyone knowing what they truly have between their legs. There are men that would consider that to be cross-dressing, and while it is pretty close to the same thing, most cross-dressers don’t worry about going all out and purchasing feminization items from to really complete the look. They just wear a dress that doesn’t show their bulge when they go out, instead.

Of course, being forced chastity means that someone else in their lives  is making them become female “against” their will. Against is in quotes because it is more of a role play thing that it is really being against their will. They want it to be that way so that they don’t really have the choice but they still get to be feminized which is the highlight of their fetish. Forced feminization goes hand in hand with public humiliation, and that is why they are forced to go out in public dressed like a female.

The dominant one in the male chastity relationship will make the submissive become a female just so that they can take them out in public and show them off. Usually, this will entail them asking strangers if they think the feminized one is a pretty girl or not. If they go to private parties, they will be told how they are a dirty little slut and how sexy they look in their slut clothes. This is a step up from what a lot of guys think about the whole feminization aspect, but it's the true definition of a sissy.

Since there are so many different aspects to being like Femboy, you can pretty much decide what it is you want to explore on your own. There is nothing wrong with purchasing some items from just to see what it would be like to wear them. You can do that without anyone knowing about it at all and find out if you want to be feminized or not. This is usually how guys find out that they are interested in the whole feminization fetish, anyway, and it's a great place for you to start if you are curious about it all.

If you have a partner, then you should find out what they think about Fem-men before you spring something like this on them. You need to make sure they are okay with your decision to play with a fetish like this so that you can find out how far they are willing to go with you. Most people will be willing to give it a shot since this is one of those fetishes that is easily kept secret between the two of you and doesn’t involve the public eye all that much.

You can start your trip into the world of Fem in your own bedroom in the beginning and work your way into the public after you and your partner have become comfortable with the whole idea. Again, purchasing your items through allows you to keep this a close secret as well since no one is going to know what is in the package you just got in the mail until you open it. Once you open it and show your partner what you have purchased, then they get the chance to see you in it and how sexy you will look.

The sexiness factor is a great way of getting a reluctant partner to turn over to the sissy men side fairly easily. If your partner was wearing something that made them look even sexier than they normally do, then you would be willing to work with them to make sure they wore it more often, and that is exactly how your partner is going to feel about you in your feminization items. Of course, you should still give your partner enough time to figure out what they really think about it all and make sure you communicate with each other openly about the situation.

First time Fem men will usually find it rather difficult to figure out exactly what they want to do. They will most likely perform a lot of research on this type of fetish, and that is a very good thing. There are some things in life you don’t want to rush into and this is one of them. The good news is that you can find all kinds of information at about the different styles of feminization products that they have available, and that will make your decision process a lot easier on you overall. Always remember that most sissies will only go so far in their fetish so that they can remain as comfortable as possible. If there is an aspect that you are interested in, then you should try it. Just remember, though, that if it becomes uncomfortable for you to proceed in that direction, then you shouldn’t force the issue. You need to be able to stop yourself from going too far and pushing yourself into something you don’t really want to do. If you can manage to do that, then you should be able to enjoy your new found fetish with all its glory involved. Just don’t forget that you are a willing participant in any Fem men playing that you might find yourself in, and that anytime it starts to get out of hand, you can put a stop to it if you want to.