Femdom Men Usually Have Control Over Everything Else in Life

Most of the femdom men in the world are high powered individuals that have complete control over their daily lives in every single way possible. They control their professional lives in a way that makes them a captain of their particular industry and in their personal lives that makes them the head of the household in more ways than one. The only problem they have is in giving up control to another person and the ultimate freedom that comes with giving up that control. Once they have a taste for it they will do just about anything to keep tasting it and that is when something that they are curious about becomes a full-blown fetish. You would probably be surprised at just how many guys in the world are actually femdom men when they are out of their office and hidden away quietly at home. Or you might not be surprised because you are actually one of them and you know exactly why this lifestyle is so fascinating to others.

Femdom Men

It is widely stated by the guys involved in a femdom men relationship that there is nothing sexier to them. Anyone who might be a novice to this type of sexual fetish should be aware that there are many guys who practice this lifestyle while keeping it as a heavily guarded secret. They do this because they feel that this is not a fully accepted way of life and they want to enjoy it without offending anyone. They do not want people to know about their personal and private lifestyle. In fact, most men will deny it if they are ever asked about it. Keeping their secret allows them to have a greater chance for exploration and experimentation regarding a variety of aspects relating to a femdom lifestyle. All they really need to know is that to enjoy this lifestyle and are perfectly free to do so. If you have found yourself to be curious about whether you will find pleasure or not in this lifestyle, giving it at least one try should give you the answer you seek.

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Getting into Femdom Men

If you are not familiar with the term femdom men, it is typically because it is used mostly in the dominant/submissive world and not everyone knows anything about that world. What this is about is the dominant partner telling the submissive one what to do. These things include such activities as foot worship, cock and ball bondage, sissy play, spanking or other contact play, bondage, and just good old-fashioned teasing. Everyone knows just how exciting that the right kind and right amount of teasing is and dominant partners are nearly always really good at delivering it. The teasing is wonderful because it makes the submissive totally crazy to do what he is told to do so that he can gain his reward. That is what it is all about anyway; getting that great reward at the end of it. The thing is that the assigned task must be completed in a perfect manner or the reward is not granted. Knowing this little fact usually makes the submissive work that much harder to get everything just perfect.

Femdom Men, What’s the Appeal?

Not everyone can initially see the fun in having your cock under lock and key. Being disciplined for being a bad boy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Or maybe everyone else is missing out. How can you understand femdom men if you have never felt the leather snap of a whip against your back? How can you know what they feel if you have never known the thrill of the rope, tightening around your wrists? The appeal of this bondage and punishment to femdom men is that they fully submit. They lose control with a trusted Dom and experience a roller coaster of emotion, pain, and pleasure. It is hard not to experience deep emotions when faced with attraction and lust mixed with spanking and choking. When you give someone the authority to punish you, the appeal comes from a deep love; to be wounded and comforted by someone you trust in completely. It’s hard to describe to someone who has never experienced it. The best way to understand how it feels, is to try it for yourself.

Femdom Men Just Want to Have Fun

There is one thing that many femdom men all over the world would so enjoy doing is showing off their tight and toned bodies any chance they get. Obviously, this means that these men must wear a certain sort of clothing so that the sensation can be fully appreciated. All men with great bodies are quite excited to display them in some form or other. Anyone who is new to the fetish of femdoms should know that there are many men living this way that prefer to keep this part of their lives secret from everyone else. They just simply do not want it to be common knowledge that they enjoy being feminized. Most likely, they will deny it if anyone should ever mention it to them. By holding this secret of theirs, they are given a greater chance to experiment and explore various aspects of this fetish that they adore about themselves.

Femdom Men

You would probably be surprised at just how many femdom men are out there in the world. I know I was surprised when I started finding out that almost everyone I knew was involved in this lifestyle to some point. That is one of those things that you really do not know how to handle at the moment. This is especially true when you are not exactly sure what they are talking about at first. I have learned quite a lot about this lifestyle over the years, but when it first came to light, I had no idea what any of this was. Thankfully, my boss hangs out at clubs that cater to femdom men and he brought me along to show me what he does in his down time. Sure, he might have been recruiting me or whatever, but I was amazed at what I saw in that club and I have been an avid participant ever since. Sometimes you have to jump in with both feet just to see how deep the pool really is.